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CirQlar FlyercirQlar is a Toronto based event company. Along with a huge roster of entertainment talent, they create, host and market events in the city. Their events are often a mixture of Circus, Vaudeville and Electronic music, appealing to a wide audience that has transformed into a growing and dedicated following.

Stratega's role as a core member of cirQlar was to develop the visual brand into a dynamic, relevant entity. We wanted the brand to stand strong in a very competitive market, and this has been achieved through a rigorous and consistent system.

The first task was to develop the logo into a versatile "stamp", one that can be applied across a variety of media and merchandise in an instantly recognizable manner. The core of the logo is the "Seed of Life", so we chose the elliptical shape as a harmonious element to contain the logotype and symbol. We then developed a template for the company's flyers, selecting a format for the flyers, and a flexible and eye-catching frame that "appears" different for each event. This frame allows for the application of the cirQlar logo alongside the branding of any artists, alliances or sponsors. The body of the flyer is given over to visuals representing each individual event, with the reverse displaying the essential information. A lot of attention is given to the small details in order to give the appeal that is required in such a crowded market.

Drop FestivalThe summer of 2012 presented an interesting challenge for the brand, this was in the form of an urban, summer music festival. The concept being a multi-day event hosted at a variety of venues within the the city.

As a special event a departure from the typical flyer was decided on, a die-cut fractal flower with gritty urban graphics and imagery surrounding the information on each fold of the flyer. Posters and a dedicated website were also developed using the selected visuals, the result being a colourful explosion of information that stood out from the competing music event media in the city that weekend! Visit the site.








Cirqlation flyers

cirQlar also hosts a regular monthly event under the name cirQlation, these events focus more on just the music and are less complex and layered than the cirQlar events. To market these events we again set out a system of consistent and recognizable flyers, with the core of the designs being the "Flower of Life" and the colours and typography reflecting the style and/or nature of the individual event.

All events are supported by the cirQlation facebook page.

Please visit the cirQlar website.

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