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C.S.T. Consultants


C.S.T. Consultants is the sole distributor of Canadian Scholarship Trust Plans, RESPs for Canadian families. Stratega's role for C.S.T. was to work closely with the marketing team to consolidate and focus the brand. The logo and brand colours had already been established and our immediate response was to build on these equities, combining them with a certain style of photography and graphic implementation. Taking cognisance of the occasional use of a rectangle with rounded corners Stratega recommended C.S.T. "owned" this characteristic within the industry and used it in all their marketing and client collateral.

CST Annual reportThe application of this unique shape facilitated notable flexibility, and was applied with control. Given the extent of the collateral and it's different audiences, we applied the shape using the selected brand colours. The process was gradual, implementing these new controls to materials as they required renewal. The overall result was a strong, cohesive and consistent look.

During the process of developing these materials, we encouraged dialogue with the sales team, they can provide a useful sounding board in their interactions with the corporation's customers, providing both internal and external perspectives. We are also fully aware that these team members need to be 100% on board with the collateral we create, they are the front line, using the material on a daily basis - and Stratega is proud of the fact that many of the C.S.T. sales team came back saying our material was the best they had ever worked with.




CST Guide to RESPsWith years of experience in developing collateral for financial companies, Stratega's focus is never to simply create eye-catching collateral, but to explore and enhance the user experience.

We know audiences receive a plethora of material over the course of their relationships with corporations like C.S.T. so we believe it is in the details that a customer will remember a company. From document layouts where close attention is paid to attractive and legible typography to developing charts that are easy to understand, with clear hierarchies of information, even the unique display of document pagination and an interesting Table of Contents add up to a positive memorable experience by the viewer. This is where Stratega can add value and make a difference.

During our relationship with C.S.T. Stratega managed to represent a cost savings of more than 300%, proving our dedication to our clients and the work we develop for them - these successes are as much our client's as they are ours.



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